2021 NGPC Series 29 Palms, CA | Round 4

2021 NGPC Series

29 Palms, CA | Round 4

The team competed at the Hilltoppers GP for round four of the NGPC Series in 29 Palms, CA. Known for being the most “offroad” Grand Prix race of the series, the course was high speed with natural terrain, keeping the competition high. Cole Martinez finished 1st in the Pro Class along with team rider Tallon Lafountaine finishing 1st in the Pro II class. In the Pro AM class, Allen Mendelsshon returned after suffering an injury and finished in 2nd while Evan Stice experienced a mechanical issue mid-race resulting in a DNF.
Race Action
Cole Martinez got off to a great start which placed him in 3rd at the first corner. He quickly made a pass into 2nd, pacing the leader and gaining speed. After bringing him in early for a pit, he dropped back to 3rd, but this move gave him some open air where he was able to make a push to make up the lost ground. Martinez made a pass into the lead with Dante right behind resulting in an exciting battle for 1st. Dante hit a rock in the pro section and suffered a crash while Martinez took a strong lead and brought home his first career win in the open Pro class.
Pro 2 rider Tallon Lafountaine started his race in 2nd but experienced a crash early on while trying to make a pass for the lead position. This placed him back to 12th and into a very dusty position. Lafountaine put his head down and got back through the pack to salvage as many points as he could for the weekend. By the 45-minute mark, he had made his way into 2nd while the lead rider ran into a mechanical issue, forfeiting the lead to Lafountaine. Tallon Lafoutnaine was able to take home another 1st place win in the Pro II class.
In the open expert class, both Allen Mendelssohn and Evan Stice started in the top six positions. By the 30-minute mark, Stice was able to lock himself into the lead position while Mendelssohn got into 4th. Unfortunately, Stice experienced a mechanical issue at the 1-hour mark which took him out of the race. Mendelsson was able to make up time and jumped into 2nd place before crossing the finish line, landing himself on the podium for his first race back after suffering an elbow injury earlier in the year.

2021 Worcs Series Havasu, AZ | Round 3

2021 Worcs Series

Havasu, AZ | Round 3

The majority of the team visited the well-known Crazy Horse Campgrounds in Havasu, Arizona for the third round of Worcs Racing this weekend while team rider Justin Morgan took on round three in the NHHA series in Murphy, Idaho. With a high level of competition, the team put in the work to all finish in the top 5 positions for their class and series. In the Worcs series, team rider Cole Martinez participated in the Pro class and finished in 5th, while Tallon Lafountaine finished in 2nd for Pro 250. In the amateur class, Evan Stice battled for 1st most of the race but ultimately finished on the podium in 2nd. In the NHHA series, Justin Morgan took home a 3rd place finish.
Worcs Race Action
In the Pro class, team rider Cole Martinez #3 had a great start to the race which landed him in 3rd by corner one. After making a push into 2nd on lap 3, he was finding his flow and was riding strong but ultimately wasn’t able to make it to the pit without running out of fuel . He finished the race out strong and in 5th in the Pro 450 class.
Tallon Lafountaine #259 pulled off a hole shot and had a good size lead in lap one. He was chased down at the end of the 2 hour mark which placed him in 2nd to finish and earned him twenty-two points for the weekend in the Pro 250 class.
With a strong lead this season, Evan Stice #316 was determined to land on the podium this weekend. He started the race in 3rd and quickly made his way to the lead in the first twenty minutes. He eventually fell back to 3rd but continued his battle. He made his way back to the front but was passed at the end of the race to take home a 2nd place finish in the Pro AM class.
NHHA Race Action
Justin Morgan #403 participated at the third round of the NHHA series in Murphy, Idaho with great track conditions. He got off to a 4th place start and was able to get into 3rd on the first loop. Morgan held his position throughout the race and finished on the podium in 3rd for the weekend.

2021 NGPC Series Taft, CA | Round 2

2021 NGPC Series

Taft,CA | Round 2

The team headed out to Taft, CA to race the second round of the NGPC series at the Honolulu Hills Raceway. Known for the flowing hills and jump section, nothing beats a Grand Prix on this track. The technical hard packed square-edged course brings a unique element that requires a new level of skill to master. Cole Martinez finished 5th in the Pro Class while both our Pro 2 rider, Tallon Lafountiane, and Pro AM rider Evan Stice took home a 1st place win.
Race Action
Cole Martinez started in the lead pack of the Pro Class and maintained a 3rd place position until an early pit that pushed him back to 5th. Cole kept about a 10-minute lap time throughout the race but was unable to make up any ground. Finishing in 5th place, Cole Martinez will carry his points over to our home track of Glen Helen Raceway on March 6, 2021 for round 3 of racing.
Pro 2 rider, Tallon Lafountaine had a successful race starting in 6th and quickly made his way into 3rd place within the first lap. Tallon had some ground to make up once he was in that 3rd place position but a few laps later, was able to pass into 2nd. Around the 1-hour mark, Tallon made a charge for the lead and crossed the finish line in 1st place and continued his series points lead for the season.
Team rider, Evan Stice has once again taken home a win in the OPEN A class. Starting in 3rd place, Evan made passes early on to lead the race almost in its entirety. Evan Stice will also enter round 3 as the point leader of his class.
SLR Honda is a professional off-road race team owned by Mark Samuels and based out of Yucca Valley, California. The team consists of 4 riders who will be competing in select desert races in this 2021 season. For more information on SLR Honda, please visit the website of www.slrhonda.com.
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