Round 4

Nearing the half-way point in both the Worcs and NHHA series, the competition is high and the race for points is crucial. At round 4 of the Worcs series in Taft, California, team rider Cole Martinez participated in the Pro class finishing in 4th, while Tallon Lafountaine finished in 2nd in Pro 250. In the amateur class, Evan Stice was unable to finish the race due to a mechanical issue and Allen Mendelssohn finished in 7th. Justin Morgan took on round 4 of the NHHA series in Jericho, Utah and placed 5th.

Worcs Race Action

In the Pro class, team rider Cole Martinez #3 had started in 5th place. Within the first few laps, Martinez pushed his way into 4th but with the speed of the lead racers, he was unable to make up any ground resulting in a 4th place finish.

Tallon Lafountaine #259 got off to a 4th place start in the Pro 250 class. Once he settled into his rhythm, he made a charge through the pack. Lap by lap, he was able to make a position up before finding himself in 2nd at the 30-minute mark. Lafountaine tightened up the gap between him and the lead bike before the pit, but after matching his speed, he was unable to make the pass for the win, landing him on the podium in 2nd.
With a strong lead this season, Evan Stice got off to a 2nd place start but suffered a mechanical issue in the second lap, taking him out of the race early. Allen Mendelssohn on the other hand, had a tough start to the Pro AM race. He started in the back of the pack and spent the race making up positions. Mendelssohn put his head down and worked his way through the dust to finish in 7th.

NHHA Race Action

Justin Morgan got off to a great start and landed himself in 2nd place early on. He quickly made a pass into the lead position but eventually dropped back to 2nd. Morgan came into the first pit after the first loop in 3rd and left to continue the race with the top 5 leaders. After dealing with a lung infection over the last week, he was unable to push himself to competitively take on the leaders but finished in 5th for the day.