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Loretta Lynns | August 1st - 6th

Race Report and Photos

The 2022 Loretta’s Lynns Amatuer Motocross National did not disappoint. Honda led the way and flashed our wings. Cole Martinez was stunning and shinned in every moto he raced. Between battling it out with both red riders, Heather Harrison and Mike Alessi, in the “Junior 25+” class, and running up front with the top kids in the “Open Pro Sport” class. All in all, we were impressed with all of our red riders and are excited for the future of both offroad, and motocross under the wing.

Race Action

Cole Martinez had a very impressive Lorettas. He showed impressive speed amongst the top kids and even star vets. He ended up going 1,1,2 in “Junior 25+” and 4,3,1 in “Open Pro Sport” for first overall in both classes. Coming home with two Loretta Lynn Championships.

Collier Martinez brought the speed but had a few setbacks. Unfortunately, a couple crashes and poor starts caught him coming from behind. However, his speed is comparable to the top of his classes. Putting him 8th overall in 450B.

Noah Viney had flashes of great skills. In consideration of him being on a supermini at last year’s Lorettas, it was imposing to see him dice it up with the top 250 Pros. As hewas running near the top ten a few mistakes ended him with a best 16th moto finish and18th overall.